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Styles- Customised Bridesmaid Dress Styles & Bespoke Service

Bespoke Bridesmaid Dresses

We offer an amazing bespoke service for your bridesmaid dresses as we can do any style and colour! Customising is what we specialise in and it makes us a cut above the rest! Where else can you see a dress and say.....

1... Can i have it made with that added?

2... Can i have it made with straps?

3... Can i have that dress made strapless?

4... Can i have it in any length i choose?

5... Can you add bling?

6... Can you make the dress without the bling?

7... Can a belt be added?

8... I dont like zip up backs can i change the back to corset please?

9....Corset is too complicated for me can i have a zip up back instead?

10.. I like 2 of your dresses but can i incorperate the two in some way?

11...I like that adult dress but i want a younger bridesmaid to match but not too adult like?

12...Can i mix my colours so have the top in one colour and the bottom another colour?

13...Can i change the material but have that style?

Bridesmaid Dresses Styles

Here at The Bridesmaid Room in Worthing Sussex we have around 40 different popular styles and various colours of Bridesmaid Dresses we have had made. These styles will give you some ideas, but if there is something else you require then you are always welcome to send us pictures of your own styles and we can discuss about having this made for you

Facebook for Styles

We do not show everything on our website because we like to interact with our customers so we can make their own Styles too, we love social media to display what we have so our facebook page "The Bridesmaid Room" is updated every day to show you styles recently made, You can also see real photos of our brides with their bridesmaids. Please like us on facebook and contact us any time