The Bridesmaid Room

Measurements/Size- We make Bridesmaid Dresses To Your Size!

We measure Waist, Hips, Bust and Height
We measure Waist, Hips, Bust and Height


When we measure you we take the following measurements.... Waist, Bust, Hips and Shoulder to floor including your shoes you will wear on your day, if you do not have your shoes then you will need to give us a heel height you want us to allow for.

General measurements NOT Made to measure

Your Dress will be made to your measurements at the time you order, this does NOT mean (Made to Measure) as that takes several fittings and a lot more detailed measuring ! It means that your bridesmaid dresses will be made to your size on Waist, Bust and Hips and Height! By us having it made to these measurements we are saving you money in alterations, The dress should fit you when it arrives and you may only need a bit of tweaking for perfect fit

Please keep to your weight after we have measured you and placed your order!

Please do not plan a crash diet or put on lots of weight as the alterations will end up costing you more money and we cannot be held responsible if a dress does not fit when it arrives due to weight change

Alterations and Seamstress

We do not do alterations here but we do have a good semstress we can recommend to you should you need one, you will need to contact her directly to arrange any work needing to be done, Please make sure you book in early as we cannot guarantee the seamstress availability we can only recommend. (Alterations are NOT included in the price of your dress)