The Bridesmaid Room

Colours- 150 Colours Available For Your Bridesmaid Dresses!

150 Colours

Here at "The Bridesmaid Room" in Worthing Sussex we provide bridesmaid dresses in unlimited colour choices! Are you having problems finding a certain colour? Please do not fret as we have your colour and we can help you!

Colours Available

We have 150 Colours to choose from and swatch charts in the material for you to see, this is one of the benefits of coming to The Bridemaid Room in Worthing Sussex as no bride will struggle to find her colour for her bridesmaid dresses!

Mix and Match Colours

Bridesmaid dresses can be made as mix and match if you require, why not have a different colour top to the bottom or one main colour under but different coloured lace over, or one main but with a different colour sash or the corset back in a different colour?

Our bridesmaids can do whatever they like and our most drastic we were asked to make for bridesmaids was navy dresses but with a wide satin green belt with purple smaller belt on top and corset back green and purple! Sound unusual? Yes it was but the dresses looked amazing and this is the type of thing we can do!

Colour Swatch Charts

Please see below our swatch charts showing your choice of colours for all your bridesmaid dresses, Our charts here are shown in Chiffon and satin and you can view these when you come to see us so you know exactly what the colour will be as the material is the same as your dresses.